A Direct Manufacturer Of Modular Building Since 2004

Our strategic location near the Pudong International Airport and Shanghai Port makes it easy for customers to come visit us, and for us to send our modular containers to work sites all over the world. Flat pack containers are ideal for use in disaster relief areas, war zones, and for large scale camps for oil and gas industries, mining, hotels, schools, colleges, bars, restaurants and much more. These modular container houses are produced to meet various international building codes, and are completed and delivered to the customer within their budget and tight time frames.

Flat Pack Container House

Easy Transportation - Fast Construction
Cost Savings - Green & Eco Stability

Haicheng's flat pack container houses are prefabricated, packed and transported to the work site for immediate installation and usage. The prefabricated modular houses are more cost effective, convenient and flexible when compared to traditional buildings. With our flat pack container houses and related services, customers are the recipients of one-stop modular solutions for any construction site or camp.

Modified Container House

Comfortable Accommodation Space
Classroom Solution

Modified container houses are converted from ISO marine containers, steel frames, or other customized sizes. These modular containers serve as facilities for accommodation, offices, sanitation facilities, kitchens, laundry areas, generator housing, storage, mechanical containers and freezers, all according to specific customer requirements. These container houses are suitable in nearly any environment, from rainy tropical areas to extremely cold polar regions.