10ft Wide Container House

Modular buildings from Haicheng are an ideal solution for large construction site camp housing needs. In order to provide full, permanent camping facilities, Haicheng's 10 foot wide container house has been chosen numerous times by clients, and we carry out the design, manufacturing, purchasing, and logistics with the aid of customer foundation works and construction.

20ft x 10ft flat pack

Camps are generally built using single level modular buildings, with 20 x 10 ft sizes, and serving as accommodations, site office blocks and sanitary facilities.

20ftx10ft flat pack container

The standardized but flexible modular system from Haicheng ensures all customer requirements are met, even under a tight time schedule. All container houses must be completed within the set schedule after receiving the order confirmation from a client, even if the plans and layout change throughout the construction. Installation of housing on construction sites is quick and easy with the modular building system.

  • Container house
  • Container house