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Prefabricated Modular Building

Haicheng's flat pack container houses are prefabricated, packed and transported to the work site for immediate installation and usage. The prefabricated modular houses are more cost effective, convenient and flexible when compared to traditional buildings. With our flat pack container houses and related services, customers are the recipients of one-stop modular solutions for any construction site or camp.

Dimensions (mm) and weight (kg)
Type External (mm) Internal (mm) Weight (kg)① Height (mm)②
Length Width③ Height④(assembled) Length Width Height(assembled)

8'x10' 2989 2435 2790 2795 2240 2500 1350 432mm(6 inone bundle) 518mm(5 inone bundle) 648mm(4 inone bundle) 864mm(3 inone bundle) 1296mm(2 inone bundle)
8'x16' 4885 2435 2790 4710 2240 2500 1750
8'x20' 6055 2435 2790 5860 2240 2500 2000
8'x24' 7296 2435 2790 7140 2240 2500 2400
8'x30' 9120 2435 2790 8925 2240 2500 2800
10'x20' 6055 3000 2790 5860 2800 2500 2220

①: The mentioned weight is applied to standard configuration and varies depending on configuration and equipment;
②: 6 flatpacks in one bundle means there’s no wall panel inside;
③: The width can be customized;
④: The height is optional, such as2500mm,2810mmetc.



The standard flat pack container matches ISO dimension, with following features:
1. Solid steel frame with corner casts and fork-lift pockets;
2. CEE exterior sockets, recessed;
3. Flexible & exchangeable wall panels with galvanized steel sheet externally;
4. High quality heat and sound insulation;
5. Various additional equipment available for options;
6. Compounding of individual containers in longitudinal and transverse directions without limits, compounding of containers in 2 floors in height or in 3 floors or even 4 floors.


Easy Transportation

Standard flat pack container house bundles are the same size as a standard ISO shipping container. This makes inland transportation via truck easy. The solid steel frame with standard ISO shipping container corner casts makes these flat packs easy to move and easy to lift using a crane, no matter what the location site is. Optional forklift holes on the steel frame speed up on site movement.

Fast Construction

Each flat pack container house consists of one roof, one floor, four corner posts, and fourteen wall panels, including door, windows and related accessories. These components are all prefabricated and packed into a single package. This is convenient for people to move and construct the building without additional movement from place to place, saving at least 50% more time than a traditional building. One standard modular container building requires only two skilled people for installation.

Options include 2 story houses, 3 story houses, or even 4 story houses, stacked much like lego toy bricks.

Cost Savings

The flat pack design means all components are packed between the roof and the floor. Two to six container houses can be packed within the same dimensions as an international standard shipping container, in order to meet land transportation demands and reduce transportation costs by up to 70%. Four container houses can be packed into one bundle, and keep the same dimensions as a 20 ft. container. Installation needs only two skilled workers to carry out, which saves up to 50% more time and money when compared to a traditional building.

Green and Environmental Stability

These buildings have an efficient heat and sound insulation, and are perfectly sealed against the elements. Compared to a traditional residence, they save up to 50% more energy for a healthy, environmentally friendly, and secure building made from completely recyclable materials.

Remote site workforces rely not only on those directly involved with the project, but suitable support facilities, including accommodations, kitchens, mess halls, laundry, bathing, clinics, offices/administration, conference rooms and guard rooms. Gymnasiums and recreation facilities are also included as options for customers.


Flexible Office Solutions

Shown here are flexible modular office solutions we offer. In a modular office, the following is typically found:
Reception area, Senior/single office room, Double office room, Filing room, Storage room, Communication room, Restroom, Conference area, Public office area

Each room is equipped with office appliances and furniture, including:
Writing desks and chairs, Filing cabinets, Document drawers, Conference table, Meeting chairs, Printer, Telephone sets, Data access points.

Optional accessories include information/whiteboards.

Comfortable Accommodation Space

These stand-alone buildings also serve as accommodation space. When working on site, it is important that workers have comfortable accommodations, as they will often be away from their homes and families for weeks at a time, and as such, we try to make the modular accommodation facilities as comfortable as possible with the following furnishings:
VIP queen-sized bed for a VIP room, Single bed for single rooms, Two single beds in a double room, Bunk beds for 4 sleeper rooms, Night stands for all beds, Wardrobe, TV table, Writing desk, Writing chair, Mini fridge

Sanitary facilities are partitioned in a corner of the room, and include the following:
Shower sets, Water heater, Wash basin/sink, Toilet

Other sanitary accessories include mirrors.

Sanitary Facilities

Haicheng modular buildings are also built to be sanitary facilities at long term work sites. Sanitary space options include:
Full shower sets/pods with an exhaust fan for each, and a small window at the end of the unit
Full toilet sets with exhaust fans for each, and a small window at the end of the unit
Half shower sets with half toilet sets and an exhaust fan for each, with a small window at the end of the unit
Full shower sets/pods with an exhaust fan for each, and a small window at the end of the unit, plus wash basins distributed throughout
Full toilet sets with exhaust fans for each, and a small window at the end of the unit, with wash basins scattered throughout
Half shower sets and half toilet sets with an exhaust fan for each, and a small window at the end of the unit, with wash basins scattered throughout

Accessories for the sanitary/bathing facility include:
300L electrical water heater
Mirror sets

Economical Laundry Solutions

Flat pack container houses can also be used as efficient laundry facilities. These facilities generally include:
Economical electrical washing machines on both sides
Stainless double sinks with flexible mixers
Clothing shelves
Ironing bench

Individual units can be attached to form a larger space, in order to house more washing machines for large capacity camps.

Kitchen and Mess Hall Facilities

Flat pack container houses are often used for kitchen and dining hall facilities. In these modular buildings, the following aspects are installed:
Hot kitchen area, Dish washing area, Bakery area, Dry storage area, Walk in freezer, Weight points, Meat preparation area, Fish preparation area, Vegetable preparation area, Serving area

The kitchens also have dining halls installed next to them, and each kitchen features the following appliances:
Stainless work bench, Stainless counter freezer, Stainless electric oven, Stainless electric griddle, Stainless electric fryer, Stainless sinks, Stainless multiple pan buffet Bain Marie

Other accessories are optional, such as a hot water heater, and a kitchen fan in the center of the hot kitchen area. Out in the dining area, dining tables and chairs have been furnished.

Recreation Facilities

Shown here are the modular recreation facilities. In each rec center, the following is most often included:
Fitness machines, Treadmills, Ping-Pong/tennis table, Pool table, Weight lifting equipment, TV recreation room, Other recreational accessories

Clinic Solutions

The modular clinic solutions include:
Patient waiting area, Emergency equipment area, Treatment observation area, Minor operation area, Pharmacy area, Doctor's office, Nurse's office, Medical lab, Toilet

The rooms are also equipped with necessary accessories, including:
Clean utilities, Pharmacy cabinet, Doctor's filing cabinet, Medical lab bench, Doctor's writing desk, Chairs, Clinical beds

Classroom Solution

Classrooms are equipped with the following:
Teacher's desk
Student's desk
Other accessories as necessary

Sales Stand Solutions

These modular buildings can be used as coffee shops, ticket centers and more. Items included in each is listed below.
Interior and exterior decoration

Inside each, necessary accessories are also provided, including:
Clean utilities
Sanitary facilities (small bathroom)

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