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Accommodation Container in Shanghai
  • Construction house
  • Drawing of 3 floor building
  • Stacking from 0 to 3
  • Construction when 2 floors stacking was finished
  • 3 floors modular building
  • Constrcution of walkway

Haicheng was selected to build a modular accommodation building system in the center of Shanghai.

The 3 story modular building with a total of 60 containers is located right at the heart of Shanghai, with a clear view of the Oriental Pearl Tower. This mobile space container offers accommodations with access via two external staircases and canopies over hallways.

The standardized but flexible flat pack building system allows us to meet all customer requirements under a tight schedule. For this project, all the modular buildings were completed within a deadline of 10 days from receiving the order confirmation from the client. There were no delays, as construction of modular buildings is quick and easy.