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Modular Container Building in Panama

1. Prefabricated foundation support: The foundation support consists of a hard and stable wood brick to ensure a large surface contact between the container and the ground.
2. Foundation bed: The foundation bed is a pebble filled pile, which protects the prefabricated container building from ground water.
3. Wall panel: Wall panels are insulated sandwich panels with a reinforcing rib.
4. Air conditioners: The modular container buildings are equipped with an air conditioner window with a large air flow. The temperature is controlled automatically with an infrared thermal response.

1. Labor camp on a construction site
2. Office buildings in factories or mining fields
3. Individual accommodation

Technical Specifications
1. Module Container Size
Length: 6055mm
Width: 2435mm
Height: 2791mm
Clear height indoor: 5860 x 2240 x 2500mm

2. Components
Long beam: 3mm galvanized
Short beam: 3mm galvanized
Column: 3mm galvanized
Wall panel: 70mm glass wool sandwich board
Roof panel: 70mm PU and glass wool sandwich board
Secondary beam: Z-shaped galvanized steel iron
Floor panel: 18mm Chipboard panel+18mm magnesium floor board or 18mm cement- fiber +1.8/1.5mm PVC mat
Door: Steel door, 870mm x 2040mm
Window: PVC sliding window with rolling shutter, 1100mm x 800mm;
Width of aisle: 1.2m
Width of stair: 1.2m
Height of stair railing: 70mm
Electronics, water supply and drainage: the parts in the containers are prefabricated.

3. Technical Parameters
Roof load: 0.5KN/sqm (can reinforce the structure as required)
Wind speed designing: 180km/h (Chinese standard)
Seismic resistance: Magnitude 8.

4. Packing Details
1) Flat packing, 4 units in one package, all knocked down, ship in SOC (shipper owned containers)
2) Flat packing, 6 units loaded into one 40' HQ.