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Building Structure

As a professional modular building manufacturer and contractor, Haicheng can provide complete components and installation service for prefabricated buildings, including insulated wall panels, roofing frame and panels, flooring, doors and windows, as well as electrical systems according to customer needs.


Mineral Wool
Density: 40kg/m3- 120kg/m3 (120kg/m3=0.25W/m2 K)
Others: Flammability Class A-noncombustible
Smoke density classQ1-low smoke emission
Certification: CE & GL
Temperature adjustment-500c & 120c. K=0.044W/m.
Water Ratio ≤0.5%
Hygroscopic Coefficient ≤5 % & ≥98%

PU Foam
Density: 30kg/m3 - 40kg/m3 (40kg/m3=0.04W/m2 .K)
Others: Flammability Class B1-non combustible
Smoke density: class-low smoke emission
Certification: strengths≥ 150MPa
Water vapor absorption ≤ 6.0ng (Pa.m.s) j
Hygroscopic Coefficient ≤4%.

Glass Wool
Density: 16kg/m3 - 24kg/m3
Others: Flammability Class A-noncombustible;
Smoke density classQ1-low smoke emission
Coefficient≤ 4%

Wall Panels

Exterior Cladding: 0.5mm thick corrugated or flat galvanized and coated steel sheet
Insulation: 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 100mm

Internal Cladding:
Laminated E1-Emission Valued 9mm thick chipboard; white

12.7mm thickness Glass-Magnesium Board
Parallel compressive strength=18.1MPa
Formaldehyde emission = 0.1 mg/1 OOg
Water expansion ratio = 0.2%
Low smoke and non-flammable
Flammability class A1- non-combustible
Smoke density: low smoke emission

0.5mm thick galvanized and coated color steel sheet


Steel Frame
3mm thick cold rolled & welded steel profiles
Roof Cover
0.5mm thick galvanized sheet & double folded in the roof middle.

Insulation Thickness Ceiling Panels
100mm 9mm chipboard (V20), white (Usual)
50mm 50mm Steel Sandwich panel (option1)
100mm 12.7mm Glass Magnesium Board (Option2)

Steel Frame: 4mm thick cold rolled & welded steel profiles
Insulation Thickness: 100mm mineral wool/100mm PU
Subfloor: 0.5mm thick, galvanized steel sheet

Floor Board: 18mm magnesium board (water resistant v 100):
The board complies with E1 emission values
Parallel compressive strength=35.7MPa;
Formaldehyde emission ≤ 0.4mg/100g;
1.5mm thick vinyl sheet;
Flammability class B1 - hardly combustible
Smoke density class Q1-low smoke emission;
Welded seams.

Fiber cement floor
Density: 1.26kg/cmm3 K=0.18W/m.k;
Waterproof, moisture content=0.13%/ ㎡
Formaldehyde emission =0.2mg/100g;
Deformation, parallel to the bending
Elasticity =6055MPa.

18mm thick marine grade floor
Compressive strength =88MPa
Formaldehyde emissions ≤0.4mg/100g;
Deformation, parallel to the bending elasticity=8030MPa;
Waterproof, moisture contents 6.0%/㎡


Dimension: 870mm X 2040mm; 1500mm X 2040mm;
Can be Customized
Material: Steel-Made;Right or Left Open Galvanized Steel Sheet;
40mm thick insulation; Steel-Frame

Aluminium-Made; Right or Left Open
Galvanized Steel Sheet;
40mm thick insulation;


5mm glass thick + 9mm Low-E insulation
thick + 5mm glass thick;
Aluminium Metal or U-PVC Frame

Dimension:800mm x 1100mm;915mmx1200mm;652mmx714mm
Frame Material: U-PVC;U=0.7-1.8 w/㎡.k
Glass:Double-layer Glass 4/16/4;U=3.0w/m2.k
Low-E insulated glass 4/16/4 U=2.3w/ m2 .k
Hardware:hinge, lever handle(Siegenia brand,Roto brand etc)

Electrical System

CEE Socket&Plug: 16A-50A; IP44-IP67
Wirings: 1.5m㎡-10m㎡
Voltage: 100V-240V
Circuit Breaker: 10A-250A
Light Fittings:2x 36W
Earthing: 1 galvanized strip iron earth electrode (25x4mm) with fastening.
The protective earthing installation on site must be carried out by the buyer/hirer.

Printing Color

RAL1018 Customized Painting Thickness
Frame: 40-50|jm primer 40-50pm topcoat
Wall Panel:50 pm thickness

Paint Type
Priner:Epoxy resin amine paint
Topcoat:Chlorinated rubber resin paint

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