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Modular Buildings in Military Field
    1. Modular Military Camp in AfghanistanHaicheng’s modular solutions are suitable for barracks and military training centers in FOBs (frontier operation base). The modified container modular system offers extra protection to the occupants with its extreme structural strength as well as optional protective advantages to the units.
    1. Modular Police Station in CameroonHaicheng supplied prefabricated houses to a police station in Cameroon. The entire project took up about 1,000 square meters and functioned as offices and recreation rooms. The modified modular buildings were also equipped with pitched roofs.
    1. Multi Story Modular Buildings, Project in AlgeriaThe Algerian project was a recent full turn-key solution project, started towards the end of 2015, and completed by May of 2016. These 3 story stand-alone houses can house over 200 people, and serve as facilities for accommodation, a restaurant, site office, gymnasium, and laundry facilities.