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Prefab Building in Mining and Construction Site
    1. Modular Office Building, Project in GhanaHaicheng’s modular buildings are ideal choices for construction site camp solutions. Our customer in Ghana selected us for their modular container system needs, and in doing so, we carried out the design, manufacturing, purchasing, logistics and constructions of the flat pack buildings.
    1. Two Story Modular Building, Project in South SudanThe standardized, but flexible modular system from Haicheng ensures that all client requirements are met within an extremely tight time schedule. Though there were changes made during construction, the modular buildings were all erected on time.
    1. Double Level Modular Building, Project in Hong KongAs a mobile space solution provider, Haichegn was chosen to supply 18 30 foot modular office containers to a local construction company in Hong Kong. The flat pack office containers were designed as a double block with over-roofs, and milky wood boards were used inside the containers.
    1. Shipping Container House, Project in CanadaA Canadian customer came to us looking for 19 specialized containers modified from marine shipping containers. We assisted with the construction, logistics and interior decorations with engineering support from the customer to ensure each modified modular container met CSA standards.
    1. Temporary Modular Building, Project in MauritanianEngineering for the entire scope of a project like this is carried out in separate divisions or teams, including plumbing, electricity, and structural engineering. As the names imply, each team is dedicated to their specific division; i.e plumbers on plumbing, electricians focus on wiring.
    1. Prefabricated Modular Building, Project in NigerThis site was a nuclear power station, and needed space for single level flat packed buildings to be used as accommodation, catering, laundry, recreation and infrastructure in a covered area of 5,000 square meters. Exposed wiring was used to make the layout more flexible, and professional training.