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Modular Container in Municipal Sector
    1. Accommodation Container in ShanghaiThe 3 story modular building with a total of 60 containers is located right at the heart of Shanghai, with a clear view of the Oriental Pearl Tower. This mobile space container offers accommodations with access via two external staircases and canopies over hallways.
    1. Modular Office Container for the 2010 World ExpoAs a leading supplier of modular temporary housing buildings, Haicheng worked with a partner and was awarded the position of official supplier of modular houses for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China. Over 700 flat pack units were used as construction workshops.
    1. 3 Story Modular Container, Project in Rangoon MyanmarThese mobile containers offered space for office space, and utilized an internal, center staircase to move between floors. On each side of the staircase there are two large office rooms. These flat pack buildings use fully glass walls, to increase the structural frame’s strength and adds to the overall attractiveness.
    1. Post Office Container in RomaniaHaicheng’s modular buildings were used in Romania to meet flat pack post office container needs. The project made use of these containers for a post office, telephone service center, ticket ordering center, and a comprehensive community service center.
    1. Modified Office Container in BalinHaicheng provides modular building solutions on different levels to meet diverse sector needs. Our container house modular system is great for social hosing, disaster relief housing, and permanent housing needs. Each house is 100% customized, and we work directly.
    1. 10ft Wide Container HouseModular buildings from Haicheng are an ideal solution for large construction site camp housing needs. In order to provide full, permanent camping facilities, Haicheng’s 10 foot wide container house has been chosen numerous times by clients, and we carry out the design.