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Modular Buildings in Oil and Gas Field
    1. Accommodation Modular Building, Project in SudanHaicheng's modular buildings are ideal solutions for large construction site camps. In order to provide a permanent, full camping site to our client, we carried out the manufacturing, purchasing, logistics and construction of the steel buildings with the support from their design and foundation teams.
    1. Kitchen and Dining Modular Building, Project in UAEThe camp in the UAE was built with two level modular building styles, serving as accommodations, site offices, a mosque, kitchen and dining, gym facilities, laundry facilities, sanitary facilities, medical facilities and a guard facility. Once complete, the camp houses over 5,000 people.
    1. Prefabricated Modular Office Building, Project in CanadaThe prefabricated foundation support consists of wood bricks that are hard and stable. This allows for a large contact surface between the flat pack building and the ground. The foundation bed is a pebble-filled pile, which protects the modular building from ground water.