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Shipping Container House, Project in Canada
  • Specialized modified container lined up
  • Dining in specialized modified container
  • Shower, toilet in specialized modified container
  • Laundry in specialized modified container

A Canadian customer came to us looking for 19 specialized containers modified from marine shipping containers. We assisted with the construction, logistics and interior decorations with engineering support from the customer to ensure each modified modular container met CSA standards. All flat pack building modules for this customer were first insulated with PU film, then fireproof plasterboard and wall paper was installed. HVAC ducts and plumbing pipes were then installed in the floor, to be covered by finished floor boards. Each building module is 18 meters long and divided into 6 studding rooms with a mechanical room in the middle. Each room was fully furnished.

Specialized modified container finished in the workshop and ready for shipment
  • Port lifting of specialized modified container
  • Accommodation in specialized modified container