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Temporary Modular Building, Project in Mauritanian

Modular buildings produced by Haicheng are an ideal solution for large construction site camps. The construction site in Mauritanian required various modular buildings for office space, single accommodation, sanitary units and more.

Our involvement for the flat packed building construction project in this location covered the design, manufacturing, logistics and construction with the assistance of the client's design and foundation teams.

There were several priorities and requirements for this project, some of which are listed below.

Priorities for this camp included plumbing, electrical systems, HVAC and roofing,

1. Engineering for the entire scope of a project like this is carried out in separate divisions or teams, including plumbing, electricity, and structural engineering. As the names imply, each team is dedicated to their specific division; i.e plumbers on plumbing, electricians focus on wiring and other electrical requirements, and structural engineers focus on the building structure. However, during construction, each group maintains communication to ensure a smooth building process.

2. HVAC is an essential part of any building engineering project to ensure heating, ventilation, and AC inside the building is up to code for health and safety of the people using the building, especially in hot environments.

3. Attachable roofing: In addition to flat pack units, a separate roofing system can also be attached to the modular block, using proper connection solutions.

The standardized and flexible modular building system from Haicheng ensures all client requirements are met within a tight time schedule. Eventually, all modular buildings within the time constraints must receive order confirmation from the client, as was the case here in Mauritanian. Although the modular system was altered several times at the construction site, the project was not delayed due to the quick and easy construction of the modular building system.