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Construction Site Modular Building, Project in Papua New Guinea

Modular buildings produced by Haicheng are an ideal solution for large construction site camps. The construction site in Papua New Guinea required various modular buildings for office space, employee accommodation, junior management accommodation, senior management accommodation, food facilities, recreation facilities, laundry and drying rooms, medical facilities, and toilets and showering facilities.

Our involvement for the flat packed building construction project in this location covered the design, manufacturing, logistics and construction of both pioneer and main camps at Komo airfield. With the use of these flat pack building units, the airfield is able to house over 1,000 people in a 15,000 square meter space.

There were several priorities and requirements for this project, some of which are listed below.
1. Stainless finishes for kitchen walls: The stainless finishes on the wall panels makes them easy to clean and wash, leaving no dirt or stains behind. In addition, the stainless finishes last for years, even under chemical cleaning components and food.

2. HVAC: HVAC is an essential part in any building engineering, to ensure the heating, ventilation and air conditioning inside a building are up to health codes and standards, to make sure the living and working environment is healthy and safe.

3. Attachable roofing: In addition to flat pack units used on the block, a separate roofing system can also be attached to the modular blocks, using proper connection solutions.

The standardized and flexible modular building system from Haicheng ensures all client requirements are met within a tight time schedule. Eventually, all modular buildings within the time constraints must receive order confirmation from the client, as was the case here in Papua New Guinea. Although the modular system was altered several times at the construction site, the project was not delayed due to the quick and easy construction of the modular building system.

  • Aerial camp view
  • Flat pack bundles arrived at the construction site.
  • Frame construction
  • The finished single cabin was lifted onto its foundation.
  • This construction site called for 2 story, stackable flat packed buildings.
  • Accommodation room
  • Gymnasium & recreation areas
  • Laundry
  • Kitchen
  • Manager dining hall
  • Employee dining hall
  • Corridor
  • Side view of one camp section
  • Complete external view of the kitchen and mess hall
  • Construction site view
  • Blueprint drawing of the kitchen and dining area