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Accommodation Modular Building, Project in Sudan
  • Construction of pitch roof above flat pack container house finished
  • Construction of flat pack container finished
  • Clinic facility

Haicheng's modular buildings are ideal solutions for large construction site camps. In order to provide a permanent, full camping site to our client, we carried out the manufacturing, purchasing, logistics and construction of the steel buildings with the support from their design and foundation teams.

The Sudan project was a new step, cementing Haicheng's reputation as a specialized supplier of modular building construction projects, and establishing ourselves as a one-stop provider for turnkey flat pack building solutions.

This project began in early 2012, with early operations beginning in 2013. The project involved single story blocks to house over 200 men in a 10,000 square meter space. Blocks in the main camp include senior management accommodation, junior management accommodation, and worker accommodation. A restaurant, clinic, site office, gym, and laundry facilities were also built on site. The client also requested the camp have steel structures for car parking sheds, fuel stations, workshops and warehouses. This camp encompasses daily living equipment, offices, entertainment facilities, and even an outdoor playground.

Priorities for this camp included plumbing, electrical systems, HVAC and roofing

1. Engineering for the entire scope of a project like this is carried out in separate divisions or teams, including plumbing, electricity, and structural engineering. As the names imply, each team is dedicated to their specific division; i.e plumbers on plumbing, electricians focus on wiring and other electrical requirements, and structural engineers focus on the building structure. However, during construction, each group maintains communication to ensure a smooth building process.

  • Foundation works
  • Foundation works

2. HVAC is an essential part of any building engineering project to ensure heating, ventilation, and AC inside the building is up to code for health and safety of the people using the building, especially in hot environments.

3. Attachable roofing: In addition to flat pack units, a separate roofing system can also be attached to the modular block, using proper connection solutions.

  • Flat pack bundles arrived at construction site
  • Construction of pitch roof above flat pack container house
  • Example of general layout