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Prefabricated Modular Villa

In order to directly present SHS modular systems to our customers, we spent 50,000 USD on the showrooms and named them as the SHS pavilion. There are two levels: the first floor of the modular building shows the different combinations in which SHS modular units are combined and the materials used to manufacture them. The second floor focuses and showcases different decoration ideas and layouts. More details are below.

First Floor
The first floor showcases usage samples of the modular buildings, including a double bed room, VIP room, sanitary facilities, a partitioned corridor, a 16 ft. corridor and internal steel stairways. All materials used vary, including electronics and windows installed at various technical standards, different colors in external walls and internal partitions, sanitary plumbing fixtures, and double glazed doors, just to name a few. SHS building solutions are often an ideal choice for oil and mining camp housing and facility accommodations.

Second Floor
The second floor is a 30 ft. unit that shows multiple ways the flat pack building space can be extended. Elegant internal decorations give customers the sensation they are not in a stand-alone modular building, but an old world, fashionable living and dining location in Northern Europe. When viewing this level and the modular building system trends it showcases, clients are often surprised at the numerous modular applications.

Since the pavilion was built, Haicheng has shown thousands of customers around the showroom. Customers come from all over the world, including Europe, North America, Australia and Africa, and we have received overwhelming positive feedback from them.